The Villa Cross Project

The Villa Cross Project is the name given to the plan dedicated to creating a purpose built community complex on the corner of Lozells Road and George Street, which is now complete and was officially opened by Bishop Dr Eric Brown FRSA on 12 December 2009.  This new building replaced the demolished 150 year old building which stood on the site until the end of 2007.


Background - The old building, from which Aston Villa Football Club originated, was built in 1865. It was purchased by the New Testament Church of God in 1962 and of the many Community Services we have developed is still housed adjacent to the site - a Registered (Award Winning) Day Nursery, purpose built to accommodate 48 children.


The congregation celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2003 and with its dedicated volunteers continued to contribute to the success of the area and beyond.  


Project Costs - The total project cost of this ongoing project is £5.2 million.


We welcome all donations and contributions to the Project. Donations can be made online below or alternatively you can send us a cheque made payable to "New Testament Church of God" - write on the back of the cheque "Villa Cross Project". 

Purpose/Objectives - The new community complex will be used to accommodate a wide range of much needed community activities.


The Project aims to - Increase accessibility to community facilities, increase the capacity of the local economy, create training and employment opportunities.


The facilities within the complex will be used to deliver Community led conferences; Achievement Awards Celebrations; Education/Training; Public Meetings; Cultural Exhibitions; Music Events; Children and Youth lead Activities; Learning Centre for all ages.


Timescale - The project commenced in the winter of 2007 and was completed by autumn 2009.  You can see how the project developed by viewing the Photos taken of the site before, during and after construction.


If you would like to find out more about the Villa Cross Project or how you can make a donation please contact us through E-mail or our Contact Form.


You can also call us at: 0121 554 1358. We look forward to hearing from you.


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